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RDS SubsidyLink ® - Retiree Drug Subsidy
You receive the maximum subsidy with the least effort. InTech’s SubsidyLink ® provides total program management from eligibility through reconciliation.

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RDS Reopening
Wondering if you received the maximum RDS payment in past years? We can help by reopening previous plan years. If some data was omitted, we’ll resubmit the enrollment or cost information. Through this service, we've provided many organizations with peace of mind – and additional funds.
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Meaningful Use
Implementation and use of EHR software is just the beginning. Are you compliant with the HHS regulations on Meaningful Use? Intech's Meaningful Use Gap Analysis will help ensure you get the maximum in federal funding incentives.
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The Arizona Regional Extension Center selected InTech to be a Direct Technical Assistance Provider, helping hospitals and primary care providers become meaningful users of electronic health record technology. We can assist any physician practice seeking Meaningful Use incentives.
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Healthcare IT Consulting
Turn to InTech for help planning, selecting, evaluating, implementing and maintaining the technology that drives today’s healthcare industry. We have the extensive knowledge and experience required to make medical data accessible and improve patient care.
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Security Risk Assessment
Is your system secure? Rely on InTech to annually assess your computing system's physical security and compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We can perform the required annual assessment for one-physician medical offices up to small hospitals.
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Early RetireeLink © - Early Retiree Reinsurance
Don’t delay to take advantage of this reimbursement for coverage provided for early retirees – you could reduce your costs by up to 80%. Read more »
For an employer, participating in the ERRP can be financially rewarding, but administratively challenging.
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Early Retiree Reinsurance Program Update
$175 Million in Reimbursements and Counting...
To date, InTech's more than 170 clients have received over $175 million in reimbursements from federal programs.

"In January 2008 we chose InTech Health Ventures as our service provider for Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) program claims. The team at InTech has been very responsive to our requests and because of their experience with government programs, they work efficiently and produce good results. Based on this experience, in October 2010 we also chose InTech as our service provider for our Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) claims. With InTech managing the complex claims processing required by these programs, we can focus resources on our day to day business operations."

Denise Andrews, Human Resources Manager
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
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InTech will help you to:

  • Meet eligibility requirements for federal subsidy programs
  • Promptly complete application processes
  • Implement technology requirements
  • Maximize incentive and subsidy dollars
  • Report and reconcile to meet program regulations
  • Avoid penalties
  • Stay compliant
  • Understand Meaningful Use goals and patient outcome objectives

Our services include:

Assessment We help you assess existing processes or new products

Recommendation We recommend efficiencies, tools or process changes

Remediation We implement corrective actions to fix deficiences