Our Values and History

Based in Tucson, Arizona, InTech is a healthcare technology solutions company. Before CMS launched Medicare Part D and the Retiree Drug Subsidy programs... InTech experts were designing the data technology to handle the complexity and regulatory issues surrounding prescription drugs and patient privacy. With the launch of RDS, InTech focused on the requirements, regulations and reports needed to provide their clients with the most comprehensive RDS services available at the lowest cost in the market.

Today the InTech team is a valued member of the CMS RDS Workgroup. With years of experience developing technology and complex data management solutions for government programs, InTech excels at handling the changing requirements for these programs. Nimble, reliable and focused on customer service, InTech has over 400 clients in businesses and organizations across the US.

That's the InTech difference... our customer track-record of 100% satisfaction with 100% compliance.

InTech makes sure clients get the maximum RDS subsidy at the lowest cost and without worry about accuracy, HIPAA compliance, data security, audits or fines. Clients interested in RDS ReOpening can count on InTech without risk. A low cost audit will advise clients and most will net additional RDS reimbursement with a recovery rate of 10-35%.