Our Values and History

Based in Tucson, Arizona, InTech is a healthcare technology solutions company. Before CMS launched Medicare Part D and the Retiree Drug Subsidy programs. InTech experts were designing the data technology to handle the complexity and regulatory issues surrounding prescription drugs and patient privacy. With the launch of RDS, InTech focused on the requirements, regulations and reports needed to provide their clients with the most comprehensive RDS services available at the lowest cost in the market.

Today, after 13 years, InTech has decided to leave the RDS business to focus on other business ventures. As a result, we carefully looked at other RDS providers who could continue to provide our clients with outstanding RDS services. That search led us to Part D Advisors (PDA), a very experienced RDS firm with an outstanding reputation.

PDA has been in the RDS business since 2005 and has processed more than 2,000 RDS applications for nearly 300 clients in 33 states. With an experienced staff of RDS experts and a software suite of 22+ custom-built, RDS specific tools at their disposal, they are a clear leader in the RDS field. PDA is also the only RDS firm certified by American Institute of CPAs -- System & Organization Controls, an admirable and ambitious achievement. To learn more about PDA, we encourage you to visit www.PartDAdvisors.com.